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Services We Provide

At Cotton Mill Pharmacy, we want to be your trusted partners in health. Since 2015, our team of highly trained specialists has provided several services in order to tackle a wide range of health related matters. We look forward to providing you with medications, but we hope to do so much more than that.


Flu Shots and Vaccines

No Appointments Necessary

This year, get your flu shot at Cotton Mill Pharmacy. It’s your best defense against the flu. Simply visit our Pharmacy and have your flu shot administered by one of our certified Pharmacists.


Please bring your provincial health card. 

You may also consider getting vaccinated for Shingles and other vaccines.


Compliance Packaging

We'll Take Care of It

Over 50% of us do not take our medications as directed. To help alleviate this problem, ask us about our medication packaging solutions.

A dispill is a weekly card that contains 28 separate clear bubbles called blisters.  Our pharmacist will fill the blisters with the right medications to be taken at the prescribed times.  All you need to do is push out the medications through the seal.  Once your dispill is empty, your pharmacist will provide you with a new one.


Free Local Deliveries

The Service You’re Looking for

This is one of our original services, it’s already one of the most popular ones. We offer FREE local deliveries*. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to tell you the tale of how providing this for our customers finally became a reality at Cotton Mill Pharmacy.


With great services and a world-class team of professionals, it’s no wonder we’re the preferred Pharmacy in Cornwall.

*See in store for details


Smoking Cessations

It's Never Too Late

If you stop smoking, within:

  • 20 minutes – your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

  • 2 days – your sense of smell and taste begin to return

  • 1 year – your risk of smoking-related heart disease or stroke is cut by one-half

  • 5 years – your risk of heart disease is the same as someone who never smoked

  • 10 years – your risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half


Ask us about our programs:

  • Smoking Cessation Program

  • Referral to other helpful resources

  • Personalized Action Plan

Assorted Medicine

Compounding Medications

What you Need

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. Within the last two decades, compounding has experienced a resurgence as modern technology and innovative techniques and research have allowed more pharmacists to customize medications to meet specific patient needs. 

Read More 


Medical Cannabis Consulting

We'll Take Care of It

Our Certified Medical Cannabis Consultant will sit down and discuss your medical condition(s) to see if cannabis is right for you.


Book your in-depth cannabis consultation to get started*.

Contact Us

*Charges may apply

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